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How to create interactive iPad app prototypes in 30 minutes Using Keynote or PowerPoint

How long would it take to go from idea for an iPhone or iPad app to a prototype that you can test with users A month A week Few days How about 30 minutes

What if you coque iphone 4s tete de mort mexicaine can prototype your next idea quickly and cheaply without learning any new tools or programming languages

What if you can integrate your prototype into your presentation, and click through it to show your audience how it works, rather than boring them with bullet points

And what if you can do all this without touching a design tool or writing a single line of code

The challenge with existing wireframing and prototyping tools is that you need to be a designer to create a good looking app prototypes. Additionally, most of them will help you create static screens, but not something that you can click through and test out.

Keynote includes powerful drawing tools, smart guides, styles, locking, coque samsung j5 2017 drapeau du coque samsung a40 portugal and grouping. Master slides make it possible to reuse interface components across multiple screens, hyperlinks add to the prototype, achat coque iphone 5 pas cher and slide transitions create cool interface animations with a single click. coque iphone xs Finally, it works seamlessly coque iphone 5 dessins with Adobe CS apps, so copying and pasting graphics works seamlessly across.

With the iPad prototyping templates for Keynote and PowerPoint, you can create a prototype simply coque samsung j5 housse by copying and pasting interface components on a slide, then creating hyperlinks to transition between slides, hence giving a prototype the needed interactivity and responsiveness to users actions. custodia cover iphone Alternatively, you can double click the file to open it in Keynote, and choose file> Save Theme. This will create coque samsung j4 a theme in Keynote that you can reuse to coque iphone 4s italie create new presentations, as shown below.

When you create a new presentation based on the iPad Prototype theme, you will see a single black slide. To access the coque samsung s9 assets, you need to go to the toolbar and click View> Show master slides.

This will reveal the master slides panel above the slides panel, allowing you to click on a specific coque iphone 4 recto verso master slide and copy/paste assets into your slides.

Step coque iphone 5c silicone incassable 1: Sketching the user flow

To create your prototype, start by defining the different app screens that you will need and how the user will transition coque samsung j5 2016 bordeaux between them. I typically do this as a state diagram as shown below (Created on the iPad using Adobe Ideas).

It important that you get this diagram right because it will save you time doing modifications to your prototype later on.

Step 2: Putting together application screens

Next, you create a new slide for each screen, coque iphone 4 s animaux and copy/past components from the masters into each slide (Select a master slide > Select an object > Select target slide > paste object). Since all objects were created in Apple Keynote, they are fully editable (resize, change labels, change colors, add/remote elements, etc Each object is a group of building blocks that are grouped together. You can either double click on an object to select each sub object, or ungroup using the coque iphone 4s imitation 5 Ungroup button on the toolbar, edit sub objects, then group again. Grouping makes it easier to coque iphone 5c fortnite amazon select and move objects.

Hint: After you created each screen, you may find it at times easier to move the static components of that screen into its own master slide. custodia cover huawei You do this by going through your coque iphone 5 personalisé state diagram, and for each slide, select the element that would transition it to another slide. For instance, clicking a picture shows the profile pop up, so you select the profile picture (you can select all pictures in the slide), and in the Inspector> Hyperlink select the target slide. Do this for every transition that you have in your state diagram. iphone 8 hoesjes Keynote will add a blue indicator on each hyperlinked element in your slides.

Hint: Keynote is smart enough to know when you coque samsung s5 rearrange your slide, and will keep track of the right slide you link to even if you change its sequence order. coque iphone 8 Test your presentation frequently to double check that you hyperlinking the correct slides.

That it! You now have an interactive prorotype within your presentation.

Test coque iphone 5 rockabilly it on an iPad !

If you like to test this prototype with users and see how they use it, you need to export it as QuickTime as shown below (This will prevent screens from automatically advancing if the user clicks a spot that not hyperlinked. You then open the prototype in QuickTime Player 7, and interact with it.

If you like to test the prototype on the iPad, you need to export the prototype as PDF, email it to yourself or put it in DropBox, then open it on the iPad. In the video above, I use GoodReader to show the PDF file.

Hint: Unfortunately, the Keynote coque iphone 5c amazon chocolat iPad app does not support hyperlinked navigation, so if you open this keynote file on the iPad it will only advance sequentially. Bonus Hint: Keynote has an automatic tweening/animation feature called Magic Move. If you want to have fun by adding animated transitions, fading pop ups in and out, you can do so by copying and pasting the shape across two slides, select both slides then selecting the effect as shown below. I found this feature to be unpredictable at times.

Final Words

Remember that a prototype doesn need to be perfect. coque iphone 8 It just needs to convey your idea better than your words do. Don over engineer it, and don prematurely optimize it. Just put together coque samsung j7 coque iphone 5c metallica something that users can see and play with.

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Facebook Advertising Strategy

In my previous post, I wrote about the various types of Facebook ads available for brands to leverage. In this article, I will be writing on Facebook Advertising coque game boy samsung s7 edge Strategy the comprehensive guide. From people comments, I got to find out that most SMEs are interesting in advertising on Facebook or are currently engaged in coque iphone x xs one but are not getting any tangible results.

I will encourage you to read through this post, so you will learn how you can maximize your Facebook account to get lead for your business. This guide is targeted for beginners who want to market their business on the largest social media network.

Facebook has the largest number of users with younger people having a higher coque samsung note 9 original percentage. Both men coque fille samsung galaxie s7 and women are on Facebook. Therefore, that audience you are looking for is on Facebook. coque iphone x In other words, no matter what age group you coque samsung s7 coque iphone xr harry potter are targeting there will be more than millions of coque avec anneau samsung galaxy s7 them coque samsung s6 dauphin on Facebook. custodia iphone Furthermore, Facebook gives the chance to target your audience coques personnalisees iphone 5 5s se based on their demographics, age, sex, location, and interests.

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Facebook Advertising Strategy the comprehensive guideIn Facebook advertising or marketing there are basic things that must be done for your ads to be successful. You will keep getting things wrong if these things are not properly done. There are hundreds of ideas on Facebook Advertising Strategy but most fail to point out coque moto samsung galaxy s6 edge the basics of successful Facebook advert campaigns. Here is a guide on how to go about your next Facebook advert.

Advertise through Facebook Pages: before you can advertise on Facebook you coque samsung s5 lapin will be required to create a Facebook business page. samsung hoesje People can coque iphone x xs easily like and follow your page. The page is the hub of information for your brand or company. The page should have your brand name so that users can coque iphone 7 8 silicone like and follow. When people like your page, they also advised them to follow so coque samsung s7 johnny hallyday that they will be able to receive updates coque samsung s6 italie from your page. Ensure that you post useful information on coque samsung galaxie note 8 your samsung galaxy s5 coque a clapet page. Because your post will be coque iphone 8 coque iphone 7 8 silicone simple displayed in the news feed of everyone who “liked” your page. Therefore, make sure you post something helpful or interesting to your followers. custodia cover samsung protection coque s7 samsung A Facebook business page is very simple to create. The group must be attached to the business page so that both coque iphone 4 we target the same audience. A Facebook group is a discussion forum. This is best for people e commerce retailers. It allows you to set up a list of products that are available on your store on your Facebook page.

I am also a financial analyst with an organization. coque iphone xr It has been my sincere interest to help people solve their issues on credit cards. There are lots of questions in the mind of many credit card users.

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Which Dating Sites Accept Apple Itune Card Payment

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The double side belt is the opposite of 2000 free online dating sites single side belt! Groundbreaking app for teaching social skills. Mindfulness is also a good tool, average guy online coque samsung a20 dating helping you to become more aware of how you coque iphone 7 8 plus actually feel from moment to moment. The 50 year old man dating 0 year old woman mid tempo ballad earned a grammy award for best male rb vocal performance. It may be that you had been underage adult crowd dating site review when you opened your account, or some other detail that you omitted in order to make the bank look bad. Jennie has how many dating sites is jamie hardell in more lines so shes decision. coque iphone xr There are some kinds of information coque samsung galaxy s7 edge algerie there, such as identification of issuer or bank! I quite like looking through a post that xperia z1 compact d5503 service manual will make people think. Macs utilize fast hardware, too, so those who want a solid computer but do not know a lot about hardware can rest easy knowing their mac will perform well during everyday use.

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Find the Accessibility Menu Its Options in iOS 13

The iPhone’s “Accessibility” menu is one of those options that’s very easy to overlook but incredibly handy in certain situations. coque iphone xs You can set AssistiveTouch to help navigate your device, use a Bluetooth mouse when your screen is acting up, and enable the red screen filter for nighttime escapades. custodia samsung For as coque transparente iphone 8 lot long as the menu has been available, it’s been in the “General” settings, but not in iOS 13.

While Accessibility is located within the General page of the Settings app in iOS 12 and under, Apple has since grown to realize just how important the setting is. iphone 6 hoesjes It’s included coque silicone samsung s7 ringke more essential coque samsung s7 options such as Voice Control, a totally hands free experience, and in doing so, the Accessibility coque armor note 8 samsung menu has moved coque samsung galaxy s7 poilue to a more prominent spot the main Settings page. In doing so, Accessibility has also coque iphone 8 plus i blason been cleaned up and organized, so there are more sub menus, so options inside have also moved.

Don’t Miss: 200+ Exciting New iOS 13 Features for iPhone For instance, AssistiveTouch, Reachability, 3D Touch (or Haptic Touch), Touch Accommodations, Tap to Wake, Shake to Undo, Vibration, and Call Audio Routing have been bundled together in the new “Touch” menu under the Physical and Motor section. iphone hoesjes Previously, they all had separate menus on the main Accessibility page under Interaction.

Display Accommodations, which used to house Invert Colors, Color Filters, Auto coque iphone 8 plus champion silicone Brightness, and Reduce White Point, is called “Display Text Size” in iOS 13. In it, the Invert Colors menu has been split off into separate toggles for Smart Invert and Classic coque samsung s7 edge design Invert.

The new menu also pulled in more options from the main Vision coque samsung a7 section, including Bold Text, Larger Text, Button Shapes, On/Off Labels, Reduce Transparency, and Increase Contrast. coque iphone xr coque s7 samsung ferrari Plus, there’s a new “Differentiate Without Color” option.

The Reduce Motion setting that used to be in the Vision section is now a part of a new coque samsung s6 fluo collection under Vision called “Motion.” In it, there are two new settings for “Auto Play Message Effects” and “Auto Play Video Previews.”

Speech in Vision has been renamed coque blinder samsung note 8 “Spoken Content” and includes all the same options except “Highlight Content,” which highlighted text as it was spoken. That option was removed entirely. Also in the new Vision section is “Audio Descriptions,” coque samsung galaxy s6 2018 which coque marque samsung s6 used to be in the Hearing section.

As different as the layout is, the new Accessibility menu still maintains some familiar elements to help ensure you grow accustomed to it in as little time as possible. The all important Accessibility Shortcut coque samsung a50 setting is still located on the bottom of the page, though it’s been now coque flip samsung s5 orange grouped with Siri and Guided access under a General section. Siri used to be in coque samsung j6 the iphone xs max coque kenzo Hearing section.

The “Face ID Attention” setting from the old Vision section is now in the Physical and Motor section. And it’s joined by Switch Control, Side Button (or Home Button), and Keyboards from the old Interaction section.

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Be Your Own Boss With coque iphone 4/4s pas cher These Work

The Work at Home WomanLegit Work From Home JobsWe help women find work at home jobs and home based businesses that feed their souls. For a low startup fee you’ll get everything you need to get coque iphone 4s vistaprint started making money from home. And best of all while you’re working for yourself, you’re not alone, as coque iphone 5 refermable training and support are included.These companies have only been soft checked. As is always the case, you need to do your due diligence before enrolling in any business opportunity. This page includes paid and affiliate links.Stella DotLooking for a home based business that nurtures all of your passions, including beauty, fashion, and jewelry Then look no further. When you join Stella Dot, you can sell products from all three of their family brands in one simple program; Stella Dot, EVER, and coque femme samsung j5 2017 Keep Collective! Stella Dot Ambassadors can get started for as little as $99 and are able to earn up to 40% commission on sales. You’ll also be eligible for exclusive discounts (up coque iphone 5 silicone simpson to 75% off) and free products coque iphone 5 bière across all three brands. custodia iphone Our Wine Guides are a laid back, friendly bunch who love what they do. coque coque huawei p10 silicone moto samsung j3 2016 No stuffy wine experts. coque iphone Just people who have found their dream jobs selling wine. Did we mention no bosses, 9 5 shackles, or timesheets Just you, a few nights out, and your planner. Oh, and really good wine. You are about to become very popular. Discover your inner entrepreneur. Go ahead and give coque iphone 4 michael jordan it a swirl.The Stork LadyMake extra money with this fun, affordable, home business opportunity! We have 24+ years of proven success. In 2016 we introduced a new line of birthday lawn signs to our inventory and now we’re celebrating babies and birthdays! What will you do with the extra money in your budget every month Stay home with your kids Take a family vacation Make a home improvement Replace your vehicle Supplement retirement savings This stork sign rental home business is so flexible it fits around anyone’s schedule. We have partners who are stay at home moms, working professionals, single parents, married couples, retirees, and young families who work it together. For a small financial investment and a few hours each week running coque samsung j5 2017e your stork sign rental business, you can create a steady income. And since this is not a franchise, all the profits are yours to keep.Initial OutfittersInitial Outfitters is the only personalization boutique that has something for everyone on your list. We offer jewelry, home dcor, and gifts made personal items that are uniquely you! Earn up to 35% commissions on your personal sales, plus bonuses, free monogrammed products, and fabulous vacations. Learn on the go with our mobile training App and our consultant support team. Grow personally and professionally, make friends that feel like family, help feed and educate children by selling select products, and do it all while making money on your schedule and your terms. Unlike similar companies, with Initial Outfitters there is no inventory required, no minimums, two day order processing, you can get started for under $100, and coque samsung j5 prime 2017 we offer many ways to sell online and in person. How great is that Cruises Inc. is celebrating 35 years in business, by joining our family, you’ll have the backing of an award winning company voted the BEST in the industry! No experience is required, we provide full training our support team is available 6 days a week!PeachPeach is proud to be the first mission driven, culture first women’s apparel company, that strives to be a force for good to help women thrive personally and professionally. We design exciting, premium athleisure for gym, work play. Versatile clothing boosts confidence simplifies dressing. Fill out this form for more information. The HRN business has been featured in hundreds of publications including Parents, Working Mother, Woman’s Day and coque iphone 4 personnalise Remodeling magazines! Be in business for yourself, not by yourself and start building the home based business of your dreams!Cruise PlannersIsn’t it time to fire your boss and own a franchise business you actually enjoy working part time, full time or your time Cruise Planners, an American Express Travel Representative, is a low cost franchise opportunity that can yield high returns and requires no travel agent experience. coque iphone 7 Our home based business model is a family of more than 1,400 franchise owners and is the largest, privately owned, nationally recognized, and continually awarded full service travel franchises in the country. Cruise Planners offers one of the best travel franchise opportunities with a proven coques personnalisees iphone 6 6s sales system that’s been successful for over 20 years.Alice’s TableAlice’s Table empowers women to start their own flower arranging events businesses in their communities. Alice’s Table provides the ongoing training and support women need to launch their businesses, and connects them to a community of hosts across the country. The Alice’s Table host program prioritizes living well and working hard giving women the opportunity to create a career for themselves that is flexible and creative, while also challenging, sustainable, and inspiring. With Alice’s Table, you take home up to 70% of ticket sales (before the cost of flowers) and can earn up to $600 per two hour event (depending on the size of the event).Sseko DesignsSseko Designs uses fashion to create anopportunity for women globally. We provide employment and scholarship opportunities to women in Uganda who are working to pursue their dreams and overcome poverty. to earn an income: The Sseko Fellows Program. As a Sseko Fellow, you become a representative of Sseko in your community. By sharing the Sseko story coque samsung j5 renforcer and selling beautiful products of the highest quality, you’ll become an integral part of making dreams come true for women in Uganda while you simultaneously earn an income for yourself.Le VelMotherhood is the most incredible yet challenging J O B of our lives. I would do ANYTHING for my kids yet somehow I left ME in the dust. I was not filling my cup. Within 12 months of sharing my story in the nooks and crannies from my phone, I was earning a six figure income. My goal is to help YOU do the same. No products. No pushy sales pitches. Just pure passion for travel to the Most Magical Place on Earth! Do coque iphone 4s fun you have what it takes If you are looking for a full time, legitimate, turnkey entrepreneurship opportunity, selling travel to Disney destinations and beyond, Cupcake Castles Travel Company could be your new home in business. Our heart centered, team oriented approach to leadership, has set us apart from other agencies and has catapulted us to enormous recognition and success. iphone hoesjes Are you an above average, exceptionally experienced Disney traveler Are you tech savvy Are you the go to Disney person in your circle Dreaming of turning your passion into a new career We’d love for you to apply. We are not an MLM. We are privately owned, providing an Independent Contractor opportunity.ScentsyAs a Scentsy Consultant, you can earn 20 to 36 percent commission on personal sales as well as, annual, all expenses paid trips. Personally, I coque autres huawei love the flexibility of my coque iphone 5 Scentsy home business! There is simply nothing that compares to having the freedom to work when and where you want. You are in the driver’s seat when it comes to setting your own hours and building your future! It’s easy to get started! Join for $99 US/$129 CAD, plus tax/shipping. We also have an Earn Your Starter Kit option! Ask me for details. coque iphone 7 And don’t forget we have an industry leading 24/7 training center! For former Scentsy Consultants, you now have the option of a Reinstatement Starter Kit for $59 US/$77 CAD (optional)!revital coque iphone 5 caca Urevital U smart products are plant based with the highest quality natural ingredients, designed to yield powerful results and effects that you can feel right away. custodia cover iphone revital U is The Sample First Company. We simply give out samples and the results speak for themselves! Starting your revital U business is affordable at less than $100. There is no starter pack required, no inventory, and no quota to stay active. We have incredible products that transform lives toward better health and wellness.Pink ZebraWhether you are a stay at home mom, looking for residual income or wanting to take control of your career by sitting in the “Boss Lady” chair, Pink Zebra has the perfect opportunity for you! As a Pink Zebra Independent Consultant, you will be lead by Presidential Director, Sandi Parkey, who will offer guidance and support in how to build your own Pink Zebra business.Kaeser BlairThe K Business Owner Program is the perfect business opportunity for today’s work from home coque iphone 5 strass noeud woman. With a minimal start up cost, K makes it simple to work at your own pace, create your own schedule, and capitalize on the promotional products industry that makes over $23.3 billion in sales each year. There are no contracts, no commission caps, no parties, and you don’t have to share your contact list. You are in complete control of how you run your business. Learn more about the risk free opportunity with samsung j5 6 coque silicone Kaeser Blair hereEssential BodywearTurn uplifting products women love into your dream life by starting your own business with Essential Bodywear. At EBW, our mission is to offer women the opportunity to build an income for themselves, while promoting body diversity and celebrating women of all sizes. Our team of stylists, offer uplifting products every woman needs with the personalized attention she deserves, through private appointments, virtual consultations, virtual parties, in home boutiques, trunk shows, and women’s events.

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