Nabs attempt to bury secret documents blows up at last

Nabs attempt to bury secret docume바카라nts blows up at last

In June the Foreign Office, which was told the UK’s spy chiefs had a “full and complete” copy of the NSA intercepts by the Foreign Of바카라fice Legal Adviser, wrote to the House of Commons and told MPs that they had no information on how the material had been leaked.

The Guardian understands it also had an internal investigation looking into whether it could have done more to safeguard the information.

A spokesperson for the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions said the investigation found no cause to believe the material was unlawfully leaked or that there would be a risk of damage to national security.

It also said a request by the Guardian to access a number of documents relating to Mr Snowden had been refused by the lnatyasastra.comegal representative in charge of the case.

In March the Foreign Office requested “no further comment” when the matter was highlighted by Guardian journalist Glenn Greenwald and his editor in chief, Alan Rusbridger, which led to the publication of articles, a BBC statement said.

A spokesman for the attorney general said he had “no knowledge” of the NSA files and said that it was the responsibility of the director of public prosecutions “to deal with the issue as it comes up”.

The Guardian has asked the DPP for comment but was told he had not received any response.

The DPP’s office of Public Prosecutions said it had not received information and could not comment on such requests.

The UK’s intelligence minister, Glyn Davies, has warned the leak could “put lives at risk”. He has also demanded more information from the US.